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Laceby Manor Golf Club is an 18 hole, par 72 parkland course situated 15 minutes from the centre of Grimsby on the A18 (Barton Street), in a rural countryside setting of 116 acres, completely surrounded by farmland and with views of the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Work initially began transforming farmland into the golf course in the early 90’s and has now matured into one of the areas top courses with beautifully manicured fairways among natural woodland and sparkling streams.

Today, the club is owned by local businessman and former motorcycle racing world champion Roger Burnett, who took ownership in May 2011. He has invested heavily in the refurbishment of the course and clubhouse to take the business forward to the highest level.

The course is challenging for golfers of all levels and with the reconstructed bunkers and water features, the degree of difficulty has increased. The order of play has been recently changed to incorporate a new fully manned half way house (from 15th March) with a fantastic finishing feature hole over a large refurbished pond.

The clubhouse is the perfect place to relax after your round.   “The Round Bar” has a great warm and friendly atmosphere with an excellent menu selection to finish off your day.

Laceby Manor driving range is open 7 days a week (daylight hours only). Open to members and non-members.

Our ball machine is £1 coin operated- approx 25 balls per £1


Course details

Sponsor 1

Trees down the right and the lateral water hazard left makes it a positional tee shot to the corner of the dogleg. Although it's only a wedge to the green, which is protected by bunkers on both sides it slopes severely from the right.

Sponsor 2

A tight drive with out of bounds left tests even the best of players. A fairway bunker 50 yards short of the green and a ditch crossing the hole at 125 yards out makes laying up a tricky task. For those going for it in two, the green slopes from back to front and has out of bounds close left and long.

Sponsor 3

Another tight hole with trees from tee to green. A 200 yard carry over the ditch will test your driving skills and fairway bunkers lie in wait once you are over. The green is wide but shallow and protected by bunkers left and right and a tree front right, making club selection difficult to judge.

Sponsor 4

A short hole but well protected. Tight drive with fairway bunkers 220-240 yards out and trees awaiting for those playing defensive off the tee with an iron.

A two-tiered green with a lake in front as well as to the left creates some intriguing pin locations.

Sponsor 5

Front bunker some ten yards short of the green makes judging pin location and distance difficult. Extensive bunkering right and trees left will capture any stray shots.

Sponsor 6

Raised long green makes long approach shots difficult to hold and chipping recoveries challenging. A great 3 if you can make it.

Sponsor 7

Great par 4 requiring a draw shot off the tee to get to the corner. A tough 2nd shot best played in high to hold the green to avoid the deep back bunker. Another tough hole where par is a good score.

Sponsor 8

A birdie opportunity for big hitters. Wide open drive with big hitters taking on the corner bunker creating a chance to reach in two.

Bunkers narrow the fairway 30 yards shorts of the green which is shallow but very wide.

Sponsor 9

Very tight tee shot requires precision down the left half of the fairway to leave you with a demanding second. The green is protected by bunkering short right, long and left so any approach has to be controlled. As with most of the par 4's at The Manor, a 4 here is a great score.

Sponsor 10

A definite birdie chance for big hitters who can drive the corner leaving a mid to long iron into the raised green.

A lake right 50 yards short of the green can catch any sliced second shots and the green slopes down severely from back to front making putting difficult to front pin locations.

Sponsor 11

A great hole reminiscent of links, with gorse covering banks on both sides and blocking the line to the green 100 yards out.

A relatively easy drive onto a wide fairway but with a slightly raised large green, judging your approach is difficult.

Sponsor 12

Monster par 5 with out of bounds all the way down the left. Laying up is difficult with a bunker on the right and the ditch snaking into the fairway on the right. Big hitters will need to carry back.

A slight tier raises the right half of the green making long putts that bit more difficult.

Sponsor 13

Tough par 3 as the green is protected and not very deep requiring a high long approach to hold.

Water on the right awaits anyrhing sliced and bunkers short and long attract shots either poorly struck or misjudged.

Sponsor 14

Another birdie opportunity with a large wide fairway to smash into leaving a short approach.

The green slopes from front to back however with a lake behind it requires a soft landing approach or slight run up using the apron short of the green.

Sponsor 15

A par five to attack. Wide open fairway allowing the drive to be smashed setting up a long second shot uphill to the green.

A large fairway bunker to the right encroaches on to the fairway 150 yards from the green with rough pinching in on the left making the lay up hard to judge.

Sponsor 16

A real gem. Massive green and bunkering deceptively short makes a simple shot difficult to judge.

This hole will show you how good your short irons are. Gorse surrounds the hole catching any stray shots and killing any chance of a par.

Sponsor 17

The start of a great stretch of closing holes. Tough drive with trees left and bunkering on the right 200 - 250 yards off the tee.

Once in play, the hole snakes left to right with large trees hiding the right half of the green. No bunkers near the green make judging the approach difficult. Par is a great score here.

Sponsor 18

The Manor's signature hole. A large diagonal island green means anything misjudged or off line will end up wet.

Smart play is go for the centre of the green and not attack the flag.

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